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How to Install All MacOS Versions on vSphere ESXi

How to Install All MacOS Versions on vSphere ESXi

You can install and use Apple macOS operating systems on your computer using VMware Workstation or Oracle VM VirtualBox. You'll build a macOS version with VirtualBox more easily, but if you want to install it with VMware you will need the Unlocker tool.

On both VMware Workstation and vSphere ESXi, you can create a macOS virtual machine using the Unlocker tool. To install the Unlocker tool on ESXi, you must access the server with an SSH connection.

To connect to the server using 3rd party software such as Putty, use the following commands to install the unlocker in ESXi:

1) chmod + x
2) ./
3) reboot

After rebooting your vSphere ESXi server, create a new macOS virtual machine and start the installation after you have mounted the installation image to the system.

With vSphere ESXi you can install all macOS versions with this method.

Apple operating systems tested on ESXi include:

* macOS Sierra
* macOS High Sierra
* macOS Mojave

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